How to Cast BeeTV with Chromecast?

BeeTV, a popular streaming app that allows you to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on their devices, is now available for Chromecast. Today, there are hundreds of applications on the internet claiming to offer the latest content for free. However, they often lead to annoying blogs or slow-speed links.

Here, you might go for premium applications and buy their subscription, but they too cost a lot of money. Therefore, using apps like BeeTV could save a lot of your time and money spent on different applications. In this blog, we’ll give you a complete guide on BeeTV and the instructions for installing the app on Chromecast.

BeeTV Chromecast

What is BeeTV Apk?

BeeTV is an online video streaming application that allows the user to stream and downloads the latest movies, TV shows, web series, and other videos for free. Here, the user can search for their favorite content, stream it in multiple qualities, and even download them to watch offline.

BeeTV features thousands of movies and TV shows from different genres and languages from all around the world. Also, you can watch the latest Anime shows, Korean drama, and other content from different streaming platforms. Moreover, you can add subtitles in multiple languages.

BeeTV Features

Below are some of the best features of BeeTV for Chromecast:

Immense Database: As discussed earlier, BeeTV features the links from a huge database of various servers that provides thousands of movies and TV shows. Also, the developers add new content every week that you can enjoy for free.

Better UI: BeeTV has a simple yet efficient UI that allows the user to easily search and stream their choice of videos. You can find all the content arranged in various categories. Plus, you can create custom playlists and add the videos in them to save your time searching again.

Media Support: Unlike other applications, BeeTV provides has a default media layer that allows the user to easily stream their favorite videos and make use of different features offered in it. However, you can also integrate any media player like MX or VLC and watch the videos along with the subtitles.

Real-Debrid: On BeeTV, you can also integrate your Real-Debit account and manage your torrent files along with the normal content from a single interface. Moreover, you can cast videos on different devices with the help of a third-party application.

No Advertisement: BeeTV doesn’t feature any poster advertisements or pop-up notifications. The developers don’t like to interfere and spoil your streaming experience just to get a few more bucks. however, you will see some poster ads in the UI before opening the app or any media files, but that’s the only source for the developers to make for the development cost.

Device support: BeeTV supports a plethora of devices such as Android smartphones, Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, PC, Xbox, Android Box, and more. Also, you can directly cast the videos on the devices on which you can’t install the BeeTV app.

How to Use BeeTV on Chromecast || How to cast BeeTV with Chromecast

Before moving on to the steps, let’s first go through the requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Any android smartphone or other device with the support for video casting. If you’re not sure, just search your device model on the internet and you’ll get all the information about the device.
  • Both sender and receiver should be connected with the same network which delivers a stable internet connection.
  • Chromecast should be downloaded and Google Home App.

Now, let’ go through the step-by-step guide for using BeeTV with Chromecast:

  • Turn on the data on your smartphone and install the Google Home app from Google Play as mentioned earlier.

Install Google Home Chromecast

  • Now, enable the Chromecast on your device and search for the nearby Chromecast devices by turning on your WiFi.

Enable chromecast and start searching

  • Pair with your Chromecast device attached to the TV once you’ve found it.
  • Now, open the BeeTV application, search for any movie or TV show you like to watch, and click on the desired server link.
  • A dialog box will appear with three options, Play, Play With/Cast Screen, and Download. These options might be a little different based on the updates.
  • Click on the ‘Play With‘ option and then Select the Google Home app.
  • Wait for a few seconds and the video will start streaming on your TV or any other device you’ve selected.


Q. Is it legal to download the videos from BeeTV?

Technically yes, you can download the movies, TV shows, or any other video from the server links mentioned on BeeTV. You won’t have any problem as BeeTV itself doesn’t hold the content on its server. Instead, it fetches the data from multiple servers located across the globe.

Q. Is it necessary to use a VPN while downloading the videos?

We recommend you download and enable a free VPN like PandaVPN while streaming or downloading the videos through torrent links. This is to protect your IP and other data from being accessed or shared by a third person on the internet.

Q. BeeTV is not working on my device?

Clear the cache of the application from the AppInfo option and also clean the junk files from your device. If the problem still resides, install the latest or previous version of the application. If a particular link is not working, try a different server or put a request for ew server links from the support section.

Final Thoughts

BeeTV is one of the most popular streaming apps that provide free and unlimited entertainment to its users. Be it the UI or content servers, BeeTv is better than many applications in most aspects. I highly recommend you to give this ap and a try and enjoy the latest content for free.

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