[FIXED] BeeTV Not Working, No Data/Links Available & No Connection

Being one of the most downloaded applications for video streaming, BeeTV worked on its full capacity and utilize all the resources from its servers. It acts as a search engine for entertainment and provides you an on-demand list of the server links for various movies and TV shows.

BeeTV has a simple UI and comes with numerous customization options. Here, you can also download the videos on your device and watch them offline. Also, you can switch to lower or higher video qualities while streaming based on the internet connection. However, sometimes the app might not work and show errors while streaming or downloading the content.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common errors faced by many users and how you can solve them if they occur on your device. So, let’s go through them one-by-one in detail.

How to fix BeeTV, not Working Error?

This mainly happens due to the errors that occurred while installing the app or when the app loads its data from the memory. In that case, you should first remove the cache data from the App Info section and reboot your device. If the problem stands still, follow these steps and solve your issue.

  1. First, check your internet connection and make sure it’s strong, otherwise switch to another network.
  2. Now, check for the updates on the official website, if any update is available, download and install that one.
  3. If the problem still resides, try after some time as the server might be loaded as too many users are using the application.

How to fix BeeTV Server Error?

Well, technically BeeTV doesn’t store or hold any content on its server, it rather fetches the links for the videos stored on various servers around the globe. Therefore, it can happen that some of those servers have either removed the content or are not allowed to operate in your country.

Try another server in different qualities or other movies and see if they’re working. If yes, then simply put a request for new server links using the support options.

How to fix BeeTV Stopped Working Error?

Carefully, follow the steps given below to fix the BeeTV stopped working error:

  • Go to the Apps and Notifications section in the menu of your device Settings.
  •  Click on the BeeTV icon and then Storage options.
  • Click on the Clear Cache button and restart your device.

BeeTV Working

  • Now, launch the BeeTV app and it should work fine.
  • If not, try installing a different version of the application.

How to Fix No Data Error in BeeTV?

The main reason behind this error is that another application is interfering with BeeTV operations. There might be an app that’s clocking the resources used by the BeeTV application. Another reason could the lack of permissions given by the user. So, give all the permissions asked by the applications while installing or from the settings.

Another solution is to change the DNS settings. If you know how to access the DNS server details from your WiFi and Internet section, then change your DNS settings and see if the app shows any data. If not, reset the DNS settings to Automatic.

BeeTV Working

Finally, download and activate a premium or free VPN like PandaVPN as the content might not be available in your location. You can also put a request in the support section of the BeeTV website if your problem still persists.

How to Fix Not Streaming Error in BeeTV?

Here also, either your device is not compatible with the installed BeeTV version or the server doesn’t have the content you’re looking for. So, try different server links and content files or use a different version or streaming app if the problem doesn’t resolve.

Final Thoughts

There could be even more issues related to the interface, Real-Debrid account, Chromecasting, etc that a user might face while using the application. But these ones listed above are the most common and frequently occurring errors in BeeTV.

Hope you’ve got all the information regarding the cause of these errors and how to solve them. Do inform us, if you’re still facing any error and we’ll try to solve in the forthcoming blogs.

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  1. I have bought a brand new up to date firestick and installed new version of beetv. Why won’t a lot of videos work like the real housewives. Please advise. New installed and new firestick


  2. My problem is im using 3.5.0 beetv latest on my computer and android box . In my computer im using bluestacks with beetv installed when i search with that a lot of 1080 p links available in my android box only 2 links available with 720p only i even reset my android box still like it or theres a way my box is faulty when its new before im only using 3.4.2 but all 1080p shows up now not working

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