Install BeeTV APK on Xbox One & 360 with Airserver (UPDATED)

Download & install BeeTV on Xbox free, we are going to discuss here complete details about BeeTV on Xbox One. Before the progression of technology, TV was the principal source of enjoying movies or TV shows. The people who live in cities, visiting theatres to watch movies is the only way. This was the scenario before the internet came into the picture. The Internet brought various OTT platforms that are continuously proposing the latest and excellent content to binge-watchers. But maintaining subscriptions to access their content isn’t a piece of cake for most people.

Hence comes the concept of wandering different websites and downloading the latest content from all over the internet. But it requires more effort and consumes time which we all want to save. So, what will be the most effective way to solve this problem? MOD applications, coded by various developers to provide all the latest and old content in one place. BeeTV is one of the apps from that category that doesn’t cost you any amount.

BeeTV on Xbox

What is BeeTV APK?

BeeTV is an Android APK, offered by developers for users who want to save money by getting rid of OTT subscriptions. Subscriptions of OTT platforms like; Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and HBO do cost a lot. But BeeTV allows you to stream movies and TV shows from all entertainment industries for free of cost. Everyone who owns a smartphone wants to enjoy the latest film, web series, animes, and live sports without paying any sum. BeeTV consists of n number of movies with HD quality and various subtitles to watch and enjoy. No other application provides you the best quality content than BeeTV APK.

BeeTV APK features

Large collection: BeeTV isn’t a tiny APK in the market as it provides its users to watch n-number of movies, TV shows, Animes, Live Sports, Dramas in one place. In BeeTV, one can access over 15K titles from various genres like; Action, Thriller, Adventure, War, Drama, Romance, and Sci-fi.

Offline downloading: No need to be online to watch movies or TV shows. BeeTV offers an offline downloading feature so that users can watch it later. Select your favorite title from any genre and choose to download to store it in your app.

FHD Quality: No need to worry about the video or audio qualities of content. BeeTV doesn’t compromise the quality of content that it provides. One can switch video quality from 360p to 1080p according to their internet connection.

Ads-free experience: Unlike other applications, BeeTV has fewer ads to avoid any interruptions during playback. Watching unwanted ads can be annoying between any movie or TV show.

Device compatibility: BeeTV comes with the support of various devices on which it can be installed. You can install BeeTV on Android, iOS, and Windows.

How to Install BeeTV on Xbox?

Installing BeeTV directly on Xbox isn’t possible, but you can do it with the help of Miracast and AirServer applications. Miracast is used for mirroring the APK on your smart TV and AirServer app for Xbox. Here’s the first way to streaming the content.

  • Keep the latest Xbox One or Xbox 360 with you.
  • Install Miracast on Android devices and AirServer on your Xbox.
  • Make sure to connect your Android device and AirServer application to a common Wi-Fi network.
  • Connect your Xbox One/Xbox 360 console to the smart TV with the help of an HDMI cable.
  • Now, open the Microsoft App Store on your Xbox and search for AirServer APK.
  • You’ll see the AirServer app in the search list. Install the AirServer on Xbox.

Install Beetv Xbox via AirServer

  • Open Google Play Store on your Smartphone and look for the Miracast app. Install the Miracast app and open any browser on your Android device.

Install Beetv Xbox via Miracast

  • Type the following URL:
  • Download the BeeTV APK and before the installation, navigate to the security section in the smartphone settings.
  • Enable the option named Allow Apps from Unknown Resources.
  • Install the BeeTV APK and then open Miracast on your device.

Install Beetv Xbox

  • Scan the Xbox console there and connect the Xbox console with your smartphone.
  • Navigate to BeeTV APK and look for any movie or TV show.
  • Long press the content link and choose Miracast. Miracast will scan the nearby devices.
  • After Miracast chooses the Xbox Console, you can enjoy the latest content.

Install Beetv Xbox

Second Way for the installation

  • Connect your Xbox Console and Smart TV with an HDMI cable.
  • Install the “All Connect” application from Google Play.


  • Use Bluetooth to establish the connection between your Xbox Console and the “All Connect” application.


  • Download the BeeTV from this link:
  • Open BeeTV APK and pick a particular movie and play it with a different media player.


  • Select All Connect, and you’re ready to stream n number of titles.


BeeTV for PC

Download & Install BeeTV on Smart Television

Install BeeTV on Firestick

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is BeeTV APK secure to use?

Ans. Yes, BeeTV doesn’t ask users for registration or any amount to access its content. All the tests and check-ups are done before the launch of the next version.

Q. How to know about the latest version of BeeTV?

Ans. Every new version of BeeTV comes with bug fixes for a seamless user experience. Make sure to visit the official website to download the latest version.

Q. Can we use an external media player over the BeeTV default player?

Ans. Yes, it gives you the freedom to use any external player like; MX Player or VLC Player to live stream sports channels and movies.

Final Thoughts

BeeTV comes with a simple and easy-to-navigate UI. It is a lightweight APK that doesn’t ask for any registration and subscription. Users can enjoy movies in different subtitles and languages according to their interests.

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