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If you like cats then you will love The Battle Cats because it contains different cute cats in it. In the Battle Cats the earth is going through a very bad phase with economic crises and a terrorist attack that is destroying the world. The other animals attacked the earth and want to rule here. They took all nuclear power plants and transfer energy to provide time machines. You have to a very tough task to save the earth from the terrorist.

It is not easy to save the world from the terrorist. You have to plan and make strategy to defeat the villains and save the earth but at the same time it is very to fun to play and enjoy the game. The Battle Cats is a very different game, it is actually based on a  beautiful cartoon style that makes almost everything fun and enjoyable tom play.

The Battle Cats is actually a Tower Defense Game, In the game you have to protect your base from the cat army with different types of eccentric shapes that you do not know anything about it. There are different types of cats are there in the Battle Cats with different powers  as well. So you have to very careful and make the right decision. Your enemies can be any animal that you do not know like dogs, snakes, hippos and many more.

When the animals seem to come towards your base, over time you may accumulate an explicit quantity of cash, simply click on the icon of the cat you would like to settle on. Upon look you cat can mechanically interact in combat with any enemy they encounter on the manner till they’re defeated or killed. therefore the solely issue you wish to try and do to win that’s to seem at the animals that attacked your base has what strength. Then you’ll opt for the correct cat that has the ability to counter the opposite animals.

When your opponent is in large number and you do not have enough money to pick any cat then you have a special weapon to play against the enemies. Special weapons will make you very poweful by making a big amount of damage and it will kill a big amount of enemies on the map. You can also collect the Treasure, collect as much as you can. It will help you increase the strength od the base and you can also create strong items from the Treasure.

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The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats

The Battle Cats APK 10.0.0 Info

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